How to DIY Pacifier Clips


Hey guys! I’ve got a craft tutorial type post today. I know it’s not the normal type post here, but it’s baby related, so I figured this was the right place for it. I’m going to show you how to make some DIY pacifier clips. They could also be used as ID badge holders or really for anything else you’d need to keep clipped onto you. It’s super easy and I hand sewed the entire thing, so no machine or anything required! Continue reading


Our Space Themed Grey & Yellow Nursery

Hey guys! We finished up the baby’s room today, and I’m basically obsessed with it. Everything ended up looking pretty much exactly how I wanted it to, and I couldn’t be happier. There are a few little detail things I may still add – I wanted to make a mobile but haven’t gotten around to it yet, and stuff like that- but for the most part, it’s DONE!

Here’s a panorama of the whole room, plus a few detail pictures:

12176189_10156155190160007_179596151_o Continue reading

Baby Dresser/Changing Table Upcycle Project

10492205_10155812746740007_53245208307459050_n (1)So, in case you’ve forgotten, last week when my dad & sister were visiting, we picked up this really awesome dresser/changing table from a local thrift store. It’s exactly what we wanted, and it’s in really good condition, but… it was also plain white and had a few less than perfect spots. We weren’t really planning on going all out on a nursery, as I think I maybe mentioned before just based on the fact that we’re planning to move before the baby is very old, but I guess that’s not the case anymore, because our baby now is well on her way to an awesome Space themed room. Continue reading