How to DIY Pacifier Clips


Hey guys! I’ve got a craft tutorial type post today. I know it’s not the normal type post here, but it’s baby related, so I figured this was the right place for it. I’m going to show you how to make some DIY pacifier clips. They could also be used as ID badge holders or really for anything else you’d need to keep clipped onto you. It’s super easy and I hand sewed the entire thing, so no machine or anything required!

12557003_10156406123870007_2014946983_oTo start, what you’ll need is your fabric of choice, a clip (which I purchased here), a piece of ribbon measuring 5″, and a needle and thread. You can machine sew or use fabric glue if you prefer. Your fabric should be 3″ wide, and the length can vary, but mine is about 7″.

               12544781_10156406124045007_1478974531_o 12556947_10156406124075007_515483824_o
Step 1 is to fold and iron everything down to hide all of your raw edges. Turn up the two shorter ends just a fraction of an inch, and then turn in the two longer ends so that they meet in the middle. Press each step. Then fold it in half lengthwise – all of your raw edges should now be hidden inside.

12544638_10156406124080007_1394469512_o Then add in a bit of ribbon. This is going to hold the actual pacifier. You can use a coordinating ribbon, a piece of elastic, another small loop of fabric, or if you’re super fancy you can forgo the loop and put a set of snaps on the end to wrap around the pacifier loop. I just folded a 5″ piece in half and tucked the ends into the fabric strip leaving the loop out. Pin that.12544916_10156406124125007_733865989_o

On the other end, you’re gonna add that clip. You can find these as “suspender clips” at most fabric stores, but those are metal with some rough edges and not fun colors. I recommend the plastic ones just for safety and whatnot. Just feed the fabric through the loop & fold over. Leave about half an inch and pin that into place as well.

12544651_10156406124220007_1325370100_oI start on the ribbon end. Stick the needle into the very corner to hide the knot, and start whip stitching around the outer end. You don’t need to sew the folded in, but you CAN if you want to for aesthetic reasons. Make sure you have the ribbon secure when you sew over it – go back and forth a few times if you need to.

(If you don’t know how to whip stitch, check out this video from my fave, Lauren Fairweather.)
When you get to the clip end, you want to sew all the way around the “square” of the folded down fabric. This will help to secure the clip on extra securely. If you’re machine sewing, you can just do some back stitching and that will simplify the process.

12557675_10156406124455007_1123224484_oAnd that’s that! once you finish stitching all the way around, you’re finished!

12443796_10156406124595007_1293198924_o 12528751_10156406124640007_2004504877_o
To attach, slid the pacifier onto the ribbon end, and then pull the clip through the loop of the ribbon. Pull the ribbon all the way snug, and it’ll hold in place! Then, attach the clip end to the baby’s shirt, a blanket, the straps of a carseat – basically anywhere you want!

I posted a video version of this – check it out here 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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