Six Weeks / To Infinity & Beyond.


My baby is going to be six weeks old tomorrow and I really don’t feel quite up to a full long blog post, but I do want to post something so:


-Ceres is getting somewhat better at sleeping on her own. Unfortunately, Chris has been working this terrible shift work where he is gone from basically noon-midnight. It’s less ideal. So we take turns keeping Ceres downstairs while the other gets a bit of sleep. Usually she will nap in her rocker, and she’ll sleep for most of the night in it as well. I find myself letting her sleep on me the last time she wakes up just so I can get one last hour of sleep (around 8-9 am) before starting the day. It’s working for us.

(Pictured is what she usually naps/sleeps in.


-I LOVE wearing her. I have an Infantino carrier and it is great w12544705_10156402797645007_1481378144_ohen we’re out shopping and even better when I need to get things done and she won’t stop crying to be held. I just strap her on and go on my day. It’s so convenient. I actually can not recommend this thing enough. She stays nice and snug in there and usually falls asleep. It’s an actual godsend when we go out to eat because I can have both hands free to eat. Plus, as a bonus, she falls asleep and stays asleep in it about 90% of the time.

It should hold her up to 32 pounds (if I can hold her in it up to 32 pounds…) and can be work front facing, facing out and on the back.

-I know that a baby is not a fashion accessory, but we played dress up and had a photoshoot today. It made me so excited for when she’s old enough to dress in real outfits, to do her hair, to understand how stinking cute she is. I just can’t stop thinking about how much fun we’re going to have as she gets older. I can’t wait to braid her hair, to take her shopping, to play games with her and to teach her everything I know. This silly little outfit matching made me feel some things that I wasn’t expecting it to, honestly. Just the idea of her maybe loving the things I love (like my favorite Disney movie) is almost too much for me.



At six weeks, Ceres is a sweet, cuddly and clingy little girl. She loves looking at the lights in the room, and will remind you if they’re off. She’s a tank – I can’t believe how much she eats. She hates being dressed or undressed, so sometimes she wears pjs all day or sleeps in her clothes. Tummy time is not her favorite, but she’s good at it and can hold her head up and look around for minutes at a time.12557886_10156402795145007_1850930447_o

I love her more and more every day and I can’t imagine our lives without her. She’s already a huge daddy’s girl- she gives him huge smiles when he gets home from work and often stops crying as soon as he picks her up, no food or rocking required. And I’m okay with that. How could I be anything less than 100% okay with anything that puts those smiles on the faces of my two favorite people?


2 thoughts on “Six Weeks / To Infinity & Beyond.

  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast you can’t remember life before her, or imagine it without her. I love reading all about her and seeing all her pictures.I definitely can’t wait to meet and hold her, I so wish you lived closer.
    She’s growing fabulously, and I always knew you’d be a great mommy.
    Love you guys!💖


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