One Month!

Everyone told me that time would just fly, and I believed them. I really did. I just didn’t expect it to fly by as quickly as it is! But, here it is- Ceres is one month old today!
IMG_7780.JPG She’s just about 9 pounds, 7 ounces. I’m not sure how exact that is, because we weighed her on my postal scale, but she FEELS about nine and a half pounds. She’s also about 21.5 inches long. According to Dr. Internet, she’s just around the 35th percentile for both length and weight, so despite her chubby cheeks and double chin, she’s actually on the smaller side of average. But she’s gaining weight at a good rate, and she eats well so everything is good as far as we can tell! She won’t see a doctor again until 2 months, but I don’t have any concerns with her at all.


She’s growing out of most of her newborn sized clothes, so every time we put her in something we have to take a ton of pictures. Every time may be the last time she wears something I really love. Of course that also means she’s starting to fit into all of the 0-3 clothes that she hasn’t been in yet, so there’s a whole new wardrobe to photograph!

As far as her personality and so on- she’s 1441216_10156364356260007_8666883971089658612_ngenerally a good-natured baby. When she gets fussy, she gets VERY fussy and is difficult to calm down, but for the most part she’s pleasant. We’re starting to get some real smiles from her, and she’s also starting to make eye contact which is really cool. Having my baby look up, lock eyes, and smile at me is definitely one of the greatest feelings ever. She stays up for longer stretches of time, sometimes staying awake for as long as 2ish hours. The only real “issue” is that she’s not great at sleeping at night. She naps great and sleeps during the day, but around midnight-4am is her awake time. We’re working on it. She also prefers to sleep while being held or laying on someone’s lap/chest. For now, I love having her sleep and nap on me, but eventually we’ll need to break the habit.

She eats about 3 ounces per feeding, which seems to be right on track for what she should be. She sleeps about 18 or so hours a day – just not when we want her to!

At 1 month, she’s just a great, healthy, happy baby & we couldn’t be happier with her.



3 thoughts on “One Month!

  1. I agree, some babies just like being close when they sleep,or need more comforting,Timmy was like that. Drove me crazy, but wheen he stopped I missed it. Tyler was opposite,just wanted to eat and he’d go right to sleep no fuss hated being held to sleep. I really hoped Kylie would have been a snuggler like Tim(knowing she was our last),but no such luck,she was just like Tyler. I just wanted to hold and snuggle her all the time and when she wanted to sleep she wanted to be Left alone. Ahh,they grow up so fast. I can’t wait to meet my lil great niece. ❤at least I get pics and updates for now. ☺


  2. Rebekah says:

    Humans are some of the only mammals that don’t sleep with their babies. It’s very natural and comforting for babies to sleep with their mom. Humans don’t like it for whatever reason (they are afraid the child will NEVER sleep alone), but that’s not really an issue if you it at a time that feels right for the baby/child. If it works to let her sleep with someone, i say let her do it.

    My goddaughter slept in bed with her parents until she was about 16 months old. She likes to be rocked to sleep now, but has no issues sleeping by herself.

    Ceres is so beautiful and i’m so happy for you. The picture of Chris holder her is precious.

    I know i don’t always comment, but i love reading your updates (and i do read all of them) 🙂


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