Ceres is TWO Weeks already!

939394_10156307794870007_1455369780_oI absolutely can not believe that my baby girl has already been with us for two weeks. (It’s so weird to blog with her on my lap and not in my belly!) I feel like I am at the same time still surprised she’s real but also like she’s just been a part of our lives forever. She’s a very easy going baby, although she does prefer to sleep while held, which makes nights a little bit difficult. However Chris and I are really good at taking turns getting up and letting each other get some naps in during the day.

We’re REALLY lucky that time lined up the way it did and we’re getting 10 days of paternity leave plus ten days of holiday leave back to back. I know that most people aren’t lucky enough to get almost a full month of both parents being home, so I’m so grateful things worked out how they did. I’m also really lucky because we’re going to have help/houseguests almost immediately after he does go back – first my sister & dad and then his siblings & parents. By the time I’m truly “on my own” with her, we’ll almost be at two months old (WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL.), so I’m finger-crossing that she’ll be sleeping a little more consistently and all of that.

52d96bd1-ddba-4edf-a4a9-237621317985One of the coolest things is watching her face change. In just two weeks,
her brow and cheekbones are more pronounced and she’s starting to develop a tiny, little Cupid’s Bow. Even her little ears are growing. Plus, her eyes change color hourly.

As far as some frequently asked questions we get:
Who does she look like?  Right now, we both think she looks mostly like her daddy, but she has mommy’s nose and mommy’s double chin (because mom was a FAT baby). Her nose is exactly mine. Chris thinks she has parts of all of his siblings. 
What color are her eyes/hair?
Her eyes are still changing daily, varying from dark brown to hazel to grey blue – basically, we don’t know what color they are yet. Her hair was a dark blonde up until the last couple of days, but it’s lightening up. 
How does she get along with Ampersand?
They get along well! Amp is a great guard cat- she guarded me throughout my entire pregnancy, and now she’s doing a great job watching over the baby. She keeps a safe distance, but is protective.


Ceres & her guard cat, Ampersand.

Is she nursing well?
She was. She was really really great at it. Unfortunately, mom was not. I struggled a lot with the constant-ness of it, with a lack of bodily autonomy, with not being able to share bonding with Chris… I had some issues. Plus, she was having some tummy issues that didn’t occur when we’d supplement with formula. So after about 5 days, we switched to formula completely, and our whole family unit is happier. If the question is “is she eating well?”.. YES. She’s a goddamn tank. 

a99a8c03-5045-4f53-b410-46e30c6e23e5Overall, she’s a very smiley, happy baby. She’s pleasant most of the time, she loves being held and played with, and she sleeps decently, if not great. She’s very alert and loves looking at our Christmas Tree and other lights. She’s beautiful, and we love her.

Her two week check-up was today, too. Everything is great – she’s up to just about 21″ from the 20″ she was at birth, and she’s gained over a pound! This little chubster now weighs 8 lbs, 15 oz. Her weight gain is great, and neither we nor the doctors have any concerns at all!

Thanks for reading!

12398872_10156309727140007_446796306_o.jpgPS- As for how mom is doing.. I’m holding up pretty well. I haven’t really had a shot to do any real working out yet or anything, but I have done a decent bit of walking between shopping/ appointments/ nice weather. I also have made a bit of an attempt to stop eating for two, which has been moderately successful. I can button my pre-pregnancy jeans, but not comfortably wear them; I’m still rocking my Liz Lange’s, but with my normal belt.

Overall, besides being tired, I feel really good – although I do have to say my tiredness level is no where near what it was at the end of pregnancy.


4 thoughts on “Ceres is TWO Weeks already!

  1. She really is amazing. You and Chris are amazing parents already. She’s a very lucky little girl to have been born into such a loving family. I can’t wait to meet her. I am so happy you have had so much time together as a family.Time really does fly by, sometimes it might seem like she’ll never sleep all night, but before you know it you’ll forget sleepless nights and miss holding her to sleep. Weeks turn into months, holidays come and go, she’ll turn from newborn, to infant, to toddler, you’ll forget the last time you were awoken in the middle of the night for a bottle, and if you knew it was the last night, you’d have held her all night. I know you are cherishing every moment, which is amazing because every night she goes to bed, she wakes up a day older.I can’t wait till I get to meet her I just love her already. Enjoy your time with your dad and sister and with Chris’family. I’ll get my turn to meet her. She’s perfect! I am so proud of you and the woman and mother you’ve become.❤
    Love you all.


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