We Have a Baby!!

For anyone who I’m not friends with on Facebook, Ceres Jane arrived yesterday, December 4th at 10:47 am- just squeaking past her due date.

I had a regular 39 week check up on 12/1, and my blood pressure was a little bit high, so they scheduled a non-stress test for 12/3, my due date. Went to the hospital for my 3:45 appointment and my blood pressure was still high, so I was sent to labor and delivery triage for monitoring. Once I got there, the l&d nurse didn’t think I should be there because I was only borderline high, but they kept me for some monitoring. Which ended up being about five hours. Finally around 9pm they decided to admit me to the l&d for an induction. Blood pressure was varying from 140ish to the occasional jump to 160. For reference, I usually sit around 125, and had for most of the pregnancy.

I started feeling mild contractions around 10:30pm without any pitocin or anything, but was hooked up to the pitocin around 11. After a long night of trying to sleep with increasingly painful contractions, after about an hour of mediocre sleep I finally requested an epidural at 8 am, and it was in by 8:30. Around about 9:30, we (husband, nurse, anesthesiologist and I) realized that it wasn’t kicking in, and it was probably placed incorrectly. I was able to walk without issue and could feel everything. The anesthesiologist removed it, and inserted a second one, but then, surprise! My water broke before he even left the room.

I IMMEDIATELY felt like I had to push and started yelling for the nurse who left with the anesthesiologist to come back. I ended up pushing through about 5(?) contractions and suddenly had a baby. I am told I screamed, and my throat was sore for a few hours.

The total time I was in l&d ended up being 15ish hours, but from the time my water broke, I had a baby within 20 minutes.

She was immediately placed on my chest for skin to skin contact, and even covered in goo and fluids, she was beautiful. Unfortunately she did not cry immediately, so she was taken from me after maybe 5 minutes. Once she started crying properly, she was given back slightly cleaner but still unbathed and she latched on to me immediately. Her instinct and intuition is perfect.

It’s now about 6:30 am on the 5th, and I have my sleeping baby on my chest, while her dad gets some much needed sleep. I don’t think either of us has gotten more than 5 hours total in the last two days, because neither of us want to let her out of our sight. We expect to be in the hospital until Sunday (tomorrow) afternoon which we are both very much looking forward to.

Overall, I just keep looking at her with awe because I can’t believe that I made this beautiful creature.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on this blog for the last 20 or so weeks! I’ll definitely keep updating it, but I may take a few weeks off to adjust. Thanks for reading 🙂



5 thoughts on “We Have a Baby!!

  1. Sounds like you’d have had her yesterday, induction or not. She is very beautiful, and you did great mommy!I can’t wait to meet my Great niece. I love her already.,and am so happy for you and Chris. You’re in for the best adventure of your lives. Ceres is very lucky to have been to two awesome parents. ❤👨+👩+💑=👪❤
    Love you all!

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