It’s My Due Date! (&Still no baby.)


It’s *officially* my due date! Still no BABY, but you know, there’s at least a light at the end of the tunnel at this point. Sort of. I kind of have this feeling I’m going to go crazy overdue, but I’m hoping that my intuition is wrong on this one.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say at this point. There’s a fully cooked baby inside of me, beating the crap out of my insides every time she moves. And I KEEP TELLING HER how much happier she’ll be once she comes out and has more room to move around and stuff, but she’s already a stubborn little jerk, so that’s promising. I suppose that’s what I get for calling her a parasite for the last, oh, ten freaking months. (WHY do they say pregnancy is 9 months? I’ve been pregnant for exactly 10 months now, and I still don’t have a baby to show for it. I was LIEEEED TO.)

Bump size: Still about 43.5″12333222_10156265921290007_1603156612_o
Movement: Every single move she makes is painful. No cute little flutters, no adorable kicks. Every move is like it’s intentionally trying to cause me pain.
Cravings/Aversions: My sweet tooth, which has come and gone all pregnancy, is back again.
Mood: At this point, I’m honestly feeling a little bit like I just have to give up. I have accepted my fate of being pregnant forever, and I’m prepared to live like that.
Other Symptoms: I actually have NOT had as much pelvic pain this week. The worst of it has been the painful movements.

Also, I need it to be known that I attempted to smile in that picture. I tried.

Hopefully next time you see me here, there will be a baby! (please, please let there be a baby next time.)


4 thoughts on “It’s My Due Date! (&Still no baby.)

  1. You know I’m crossing everything for you at this point. I can promise you won’t be pregnant forever although it might feel that way. You actually do look like you have dropped to me in this new pic,and less pelvic pain could be a promising sign that she has shifted downward. I meant to ask you the other day is never ask how much weight you gained Thats your business if you keep it quiet, but did you by any chance LOSE any weight at your last visit. At all?I do have reason for ANY weight loss is one of the first signs of impending labor.


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