39 Weeks // Happy Thanksgiving!

12290596_10156245316330007_870853876_o.jpgWell, I appreciate the HUGE outpouring of texts/facebook messages/etc wishing me well and sending me baby hopes this week, but as I sit here watching the Macy’s Parade drinking decaf coffee, Baby is still firmly holding on to her refusal to appear. So, according to theBump, I’m literally carrying around a full sized watermelon. A watermelon that is flexing and kicking, and also has fingernails that already need to be trimmed. (NOT that I can feel them, but the idea of that is honestly the scariest thing I’e read so far.) Also, she’s already preparing for her first poop. Isn’t pregnancy magical, y’all?

She’s also apparently the size of an American Shorthair, so when I have my cat curled on my belly, well that’s a visual. 12268579_10156245380360007_1817485155_o

Bump size: About 43.5″. I think I’ve consistently grown about half an inch every week for the last trimester.
Movement: I honestly feel like she’s trying to climb out of me via my belly. Like, she’s trying to hatch from the egg of my stomach. Someone tell her there’s a better way.
Cravings/Aversions: I’ve had actual, literal dreams about Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees. Like, dreams of drinking an entire 30 oz at once.
Mood: I’m actually a little mess miserable this week than I was last week. I think I’ve accepted my fate of staying pregnant for EVER.
Other Symptoms: Same pelvic/back/etc pain. I HAVE had a few sporadic contractions but never more than 1-2 in the course of a few hours so I haven’t even gotten to the point where I’m worried about timing them yet.

I imagine this is actually a lot like what hatching an egg must feel like, because I just kind of am sitting around and waiting for something to happen. My next doctor’s appointment is early next week, just before my actual due date, so we’ll see what happens then! Maybe next week this’ll be a I HAD A BABY post 😀

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



5 thoughts on “39 Weeks // Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Harold M Hersh says:

    Hi Jenn!

    I just retread your latest blog and I have a question. You said that the baby is preparing for her first poop. Where does she get anything in her stomach to poop out? All of her nourishment up until now came from the umbilical cord; what did she get from that source that could convert to feces?


  2. Awww I thought for sure she’d be here by now. Hope you go soon and have a quick and easy delivery . I look forward to your delivery post. Hope you are feeling well. Miss you& love you tons. (((Hang in there ))) she has to come out eventually. 😊❤


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