Thirty Five Weeks Down – Five to go!

12190467_10156167796385007_794635081_o35 Weeks – Either a coconut or a honeydew, although we went pumpkin picking a few weeks back, and I’m pretty sure the pumpkins we brought home were just about 5.5 lbs, so that’s what I’m imagining because I can actually hold one for comparison. All of the apps and websites I look at for information every week are basically like, “yeah there’s just a whole baby in there getting fatter, but she’s pretty much like, done.” She’s about 15% body fat right now, but should be around 30% at birth, so mostly just plumping up.

According to one, my uterus has grown 1000% its normal size. I don’t even know how that’s like, a possibility? But that’s what it says. I find that interesting because I am 1000% ready to have a baby and not be pregnant anymore. Everything is ready to go: nursery is done, bag is packed and by the door, and we’re putting the car seat in this weekend. We even checked all the smoke detectors and had someone in to clean out all of our vents and ducts**. No signs of labor or anything yet though! (most of those are pretty gross, so when they DO happen, I’ll spare the details.)

Bump size: Still just around 42″. I feel bigger this week though, 12192719_10156168069005007_303946147_owhich is a little weird. I don’t think she’s dropped at all, yet.
Movement: Frequent, and I can just sit and watch my belly move now. It almost looks like something from a weird horror movie. It also feels like she’s trying to manually stretch out my belly some more. Like, almost a mime trapped in a bag type movement?
Cravings/Aversions: No real cravings, although I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea lately. For some reason, the liters of water every day just aren’t cutting it and I need something a little sweet.
Mood: Still a bit anxious, but mostly just READY.
Other Symptoms: All of the same: tired, back/pelvic pain, really bad heartburn. Nothing new or exciting to share.

So that’s all for this week! My doctor’s appointments are now down to every two weeks, so I’ll be seeing my OB next week. Thanks for reading 😀

(**it’s 8am and someone is vacuuming all of the vents in my house and I really really wish I were still in bed. Also my already anxious and jumpy guard cat is not pleased about it either.)


One thought on “Thirty Five Weeks Down – Five to go!

  1. I SO miss those feelings and movements.(believe it or not you will too) Coolest feeling EVER!I know you’re anxious,but cherish every last minute. You are about to start a whole new chapter of your life and you’re gonna be great at it and you’re gonna love it. ,and it’s gonna go by fast even though it won’t seem like it at the’ll be tired, but it will be the best kind of tired ever,you might even want to cry and that’s ok too,because you’ll never experience your first pregnancy, first baby, or the minute you go from a couple to a family again. Don’t blink. You’re about to see the world through through a whole new pair of eyes. Enjoy EVERY second. It is amazing, and so are you.
    Love you all.


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