Our Space Themed Grey & Yellow Nursery

Hey guys! We finished up the baby’s room today, and I’m basically obsessed with it. Everything ended up looking pretty much exactly how I wanted it to, and I couldn’t be happier. There are a few little detail things I may still add – I wanted to make a mobile but haven’t gotten around to it yet, and stuff like that- but for the most part, it’s DONE!

Here’s a panorama of the whole room, plus a few detail pictures:


12175905_10156155190235007_1168951550_o 12185845_10156155190745007_328414698_o

12177195_10156155190460007_2065683043_o           12177340_10156155190520007_1059132535_o         12177560_10156155190330007_851642583_o

12180887_10156155190390007_862405603_o           12185617_10156155190605007_904338632_o         12186227_10156155190285007_743720974_o

Product information:
Dresser/Changing Table: purchased from a local thrift store and painted and decoupaged, as described here.
Crib: found on a facebook yard sale group & purchased in brand new condition for about 1/3 the retail price. It’s actually part of a set with the dresser, and we just got lucky. It’s a mini crib, so slightly smaller than standard, but still big enough for baby to use until she needs a toddler bed. Mattress was purchased from Babies R Us.
Cube Storage: Target ($34). The bins were on sale for $3.99 each. I love this storage method because it’s easy to switch them up and change what’s in them, especially because the labels are dry erase. Currently they’re holding larger sized clothes, towels, blankets and things like that, but it may change as we learn how to actually have a kid.
Glider: I believe it’s from K-Mart? We bought it when we first moved into the house, but since the cat was the only one to ever sit on it, it’s now part of the baby’s room.
Wall Art: First is a print from Manka, the shop of a local artist here in Norfolk who is a friend of a friend. It features a Picasso quote – “Everything you can imagine is real.” All of Zara’s doodles and artwork are so great, but this is my absolute favorite.
Second is the cover of the book we deconstructed to decoupage the dresser. I bought the book from a vintage seller on Etsy.
Third (found over the cube organizer, but no solo pic) is a speed spray painted picture of a planet which, to me, looks a bit like Gallifray. We also bought this at a craft show from a local artist, but I misplaced his info. Oops.
Finally, on either side of the window, two sets of canvases which were a handmade gift from Chris’ sister. One set reads “Love you to the moon & back” and the other says “You are such a perfect little arrangement of atoms.”
Carpet: Also from Target: the Circo Solar System Area Rug, $27.
Little Golden Book Spinner: I’ve had this for what feels like forever. I bought it in college when the Boarder’s bookstores closed, and it held my own books for about 5 years, but now it’s holding a growing collection of actual Little Golden Books.
Bookshelf/Clothes Display: Ikea bookshelf that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since high school. We took out the top two shelves and added in two tension rods from Walmart to give us a spot to hang some baby clothes. There is, technically, a closet in the baby’s room, but we don’t have a ton of storage in this house, and we don’t really have anywhere else for what’s in there. Plus, newborns don’t need very much hung up, so this was a great solution for the few things that needed it.

I think that’s pretty much everything! Everything is put away and organized and I keep finding myself just sitting on the floor in the room looking around it. Now, I’m just excited to have a baby in there 🙂


11 thoughts on “Our Space Themed Grey & Yellow Nursery

  1. Looks great Jenn!you guys did ah great job putting together an awesome nursery that doesn’t look like 50 other generic nurseries!!You’re so creative,I love it! Definitely ready for lil Miss Null to arrive!So. Exciting!!!!!


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