Thirty Four Weeks!

12180802_10156149343105007_1019830877_oToday is officially 34 weeks! This post is so late today because I had a doctor’s appointment/ check up thing. Everything is good – I had a second growth scan because of my hypoactive thyroid. They confirmed she’s still a girl (which is really great because all of the baby shower stuff has been detagged, washed and put away!) She’s measuring in the 59th percentile and weighs about 5 pounds, 11 ounces. Other than that, her heartbeat is good, everything looks like it’s measuring how it should be, and she’s basically perfect!

I was given another disk of ultrasound pictures, but they’re all just bone and organ measurements – nothing super cute, unfortunately.

Apparently she can also recognize and distinguish between simple songs, although the other day when my sister and her girlfriend and I played music to her, she was completely nonreactive. I guess she’s just not a fan of the same music we are. Also, she’s urinating about a pint a day. That’s cute, because I’m urinating about 6 gallons a day.

(As an aside, I want to comment on the picture of me below – 1, that picture does NOT do justice to how ridiculously and comically huge I am, and 2, I’m not even sorry for the straight up grumpy bitch face. I think that’s just what you look like at 34 weeks pregnant.)

Bump size: Just slightly over 42″. Like, what?  12171258_10156149343260007_357921411_o
: Still constantly – mostly lower towards my pelvis and bladder. I keep hearing people comment on feet in the ribs and whatnot, but I haven’t really had any of that, she’s been aiming lower.
Cravings/Aversions: Cinnamon buns? Which is excessively strange because I kind of hate cinnamon. But I had the most fantastic Cinnamon Bun French Toast from IHOP the other day.
Mood: Still crazy anxious, I don’t think that’ll go away. I’ve also been a little irritable the last few days which is probably just from being tired and stuff?
Other Symptoms: Nothing new, although the doctor did confirm that the pelvic bone soreness was completely normal and everything. So while I’m hurting and everything, at least it’s normal!

That’s pretty much all for this week. I did get a LOT of the baby’s room done, but I still need to just finish up a few more things and get rid of a few things that don’t belong in a baby’s room, but hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures of a finished room this week or next 🙂

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Thirty Four Weeks!

  1. She’s big already! If they are right about her size saying 5lbs 11oz, {Perspective – Ava was 6lbs lloz and 18″ when she was born} I think she was small tho. How big was Chris? I mean you weren’t huge,but not scrawny either. Lol. I LOVE Lil Chubby Babies & with those cheeks on yours already !! I Can’t wait to kiss ’em!
    I know you’re getting anxious to meet her! I still haveto get mybutt to the post .Can’t wait to see pics ofher room! you making Maternity pics are really cute! you look adorable as usual. Love you!


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