33 Weeks!

12164751_10156130883570007_1052879892_oThirty Three weeks down, only about 7 (or so) to go! This past week has been pretty great because I spent it in Philadelphia with friends & family! (Here are blog posts with some baby shower and maternity shoot pictures!) Just being around family has been such a nice experience.

As far as BABY goes, this week she’s somewhere in the range of about 17.5 inches long, and 5-ish pounds. I’ve never seen that spiky fruit thing before, but apparently it’s a Durian? Wikipedia tells me that it can either be “pleasantly sweet” or smell like raw sewage. Actually, the entire wikipedia entry on what it smells/tastes like, is a wild ride, and I highly recommend it.

Besides resembling a fruit compared to sewage, she’s keeping her eyes open when she’s awake now and also learning to coordinate her breathing with swallowing. Also, her bones are hardening, which, I guess they weren’t before. She’s also growing eyebrows! Basically, I guess the next few weeks are just taking all of the formed and developed baby goo and turning it into an actual real baby.

Bump size: About 41.5″, although I feel like I’m growing every day. I really don’t 12165140_10156130883515007_275373284_ohave a great sense of how big I am, and I’ve been bumping into things a lot more frequently.
Movement:ย She moves pretty regularly now, and she’s still doing the thing that makes it feel like waves rolling across my belly. Nothing has been painful or anything like that, but I feel her a lot of the time.
Cravings/Aversions: Still none, although I was a little bothered by some strong fish smells the other day.
Mood: That mild anxiety regarding labor is now like, a full fledged panic. I’m sure everything will be fine. (*screams internally*)
Other Symptoms:ย In addition to the same heartburn/trouble sleeping/back pain I’ve been feeling for weeks, this week I’ve added a new one to the list. For the past couple of days my pelvic bone has been hurting pretty badly when I wake up, or if I stand after sitting for too long. Walking seems to be helping, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. Hopefully I can get an answer when I go to the doctor next week.

That’s pretty much all for tonight – like I said I’ll also be posting a couple of other posts tonight/tomorrow with a bunch of pictures and whatnot ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading!


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