My Yellow And Grey Philadelphia Themed Baby Shower

This past weekend my sister and sister-in-law threw me a beautiful Philadelphia themed baby shower with yellow & grey accents to it, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

DSCF2597The menu was all Philadelphia food – cheese steaks, TastyKake of every variety, soft pretzels with a variety of  – all of the quintessential Philadelphia foods I’ve been so homesick since I’ve been living in other places. Plus, my sister found these amazing Philadelphia themed smustardsodas, and I’m planning to do something fun with the bottles once I get back home.

The cake itself was grey and yellow to match all IMG_3854
of the decorations, and was just as delicious as it was beautiful. Luckily, it was also huge and I got to keep eating it for a week. The rest of the grey and yellow accents were also beautiful and mostly handmade by my sister in law. The Baby Null banner will almost surely end up in the nursery over her crib, just because I love how it turned out and I’m pretty sure it’s going to match the dresser we painted really nicely.

DSCF2589 DSCF2590

We played some not-lame games, with Wawa gift cards as prizes, of course. The first was guessing my diameter; everyone cut a piece of yarn to their best estimate, and then we compared it to one actually cut to my size. Most people overestimated by a good bit, but somehow the grandma-to-be managed to guess almost exactly. Like, down to the half inch! The second game was a really fun game where we had a bunch of ultrasound pictures printed and everyone had to try and identify the various body parts. Those things are so hard to decipher, so it was a good challenge.

12107783_10156131184400007_3710778590782154305_nTo continue out with the theme, I also was given two diaper cakes! One was Philadelphia from top to bottom, and has a bunch of Flyers onsies, plus some Flyers fabric I can use for another project for the baby.
The second was just beautiful – yellow and grey with butterflies and a huge bow.
Both of them have a ton of diapers and other things that will definitely be helpful getting through the first couple of weeks with a new baby. (Although I am very sad to take them apart, because I keep looking at them and they make me so happy. It might end up being just too difficult to deconstruct them…)


12141611_10156131184315007_1699093722608791874_nThe last seriously awesome Philadelphia decoration were a collection of hand painted onsies from my sister and her friend. Besides these three (Rita’s Water Ice, the Liberty Bell, the Philly Skyline), there are also onsies with pretzels, the LOVE statue, and a cheese steak.
I can’t wait to dress her in these when I’m missing home, because they’ll definitely help cheer me up.

12105819_10156131184645007_6076151167186463228_nI was SO lucky to have so many people who wanted to give the baby some amazing things. She’s going to be SO stylish, and we are unbelievably grateful to everyone. My bow hat was made for me by another sister in law, and it also makes me just super happy every time I look at it. Overall, I am thrilled with how the shower turned out, and I can’t thank my sister and my sister in law (along with their friends and a few other people) for giving me such a beautiful party. I’m very lucky to have such a great family (on both sides), and this baby is already so loved by so many people, I’m a little overwhelmed by it!


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