Thirty One Weeks!

 12063987_10156089877445007_331873755_n31 weeks today! I know I say this every single week, but I honestly can not believe how quickly time is moving. Every week just seems to fly by as I get more and more anxious about things. My biggest fear currently is “how do I know when is the right time to head to the hospital?!” I know I’ll just know, but for now it’s a source of anxiety.

I’ve also been super weirdly homesick lately. I had been doing much better with not having family nearby and all of that, but I do wish we had family nearby, or I wish that timing was just a little bit different so we could plan to be home for the holidays. Unfortunately, the timing is just a little bit too close for comfort for us to do any major travelling. It’s just been kind of bumming me out.

As far as the baby herself, this week all of her five senses are in working order, and her irises are able to react to light. I didn’t think babies opened their eyes in there, and I didn’t think much light got in, but apparently I was wrong on that one!

Bump size: About 41″. I’m almost as round as I am tall. 12053100_10156089877630007_801571605_n
Movement: Still pretty much constant, although always more when I’m laying down, which makes trying to sleep fun.
Cravings/Aversions: Not too much changing here either. Hungry more often, but not any weird cravings really.
Mood: I’m pretty much always tired, and I’m just sort of over being pregnant. Overall, I’m just achy and ready to have my baby.
Other Symptoms: Trouble sleeping. Difficulty taking a deep breath, thanks to the baby taking up space there. I can’t really bend over or pick things up? I honestly feel HUGE, I can’t believe I still have 9 more weeks of growing to do.

So yeah, that’s what week thirty one is looking like. I’m really excited to be heading to Philly in just a few days, and to see all the people I’ve been missing so badly.

Nine more weeks, man. Crazy.

Thanks for reading 🙂


One thought on “Thirty One Weeks!

  1. aw,you’re so adorable! Kinda sucks you feel so homesick. I can only imagine. Have you thought about talking to some other military wives & see maybe what helped them if they were pregnant & not near family?Maybe they’d have some ideas that would help? I’m sure you’re already skyping and video chatting,and about the holidays maybe you’ll have her Very close to your due date & be able to visit late Dec- early January you feel up to it, that close…. Or who knows with your dad, holidays might be @ your house.SURPRISE! (I mean this is your dad who ran a Last minute trip to Disney for X-mas) As far as knowing when to hit the hospital, you’ll know try not to stress over that one. I know easier said than done. You did make me laugh with your “as round as you are tall” comment.As always,Call me anytime,even if you just want to for no reason.Love You & Can’t wait to see you!😙(hugs)


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