Week 30: Ten Weeks ’til Baby! (ish)

12047584_10156070151160007_856133841_nThirty Weeks! Three quarters of the way there! ONLY TEN WEEKS LEFT! Panic MAY be starting to set in.

The coolest highlight from theBump app this week is that baby is strong enough to grasp and hold onto a finger. Other than that, she’s mostly fully done in there and just getting chubbier and stuff. All of the vital things have been developed and done for a while now, and it’s sort of the home stretch as far as gestating goes.

I’ve started trying to be a bit more active and whatnot — doing some prenatal yoga and I took a prenatal fitness class yesterday at the Navy base. I have a lot more free time now that I’m not working outside the house anymore, so I’m trying to use my time productively. (Specifically working on cleaning ALL THE THINGS, rebooting my etsy shop and hopefully getting back into the habit of filming youtube videos, which, oops.) Doing physical activity like the yoga and the fitness classes definitely help my mood a lot, and the yoga is helping my back issues A TON.

I’m also at the point in this pregnancy where I’ve given up wearing jeans and like, real clothes every day. Yoga pants are my new bff, but like I learned in college, as long as you put on a real shirt/cardigan and brush your hair, most people don’t realize you aren’t really wearing pants.

Bump size: About 39.5″12023004_10156070139740007_1006757846_n
Movement: Pretty much the same as last week, she’s a kicker. Constantly. Aimed at my bladder. I almost never feel her any higher than the middle of my belly, actually. (My ribs are very grateful.)
Cravings/Aversions: This is weird, but I haven’t really enjoyed drinking sodas/carbonated things as much the past week or so. I’m pretty much only drinking teas and water lately, which is a definite plus.
Mood: Good. Daily naps are now a thing, but I’m also more energetic while awake, so I’m getting a lot done too.
Other Symptoms: Still some back issues, not as much though with the yoga. My feet/ankles are swollen. I basically live in the bathroom. Other than that, life is good.

Mostly, I just can’t believe how quickly the last thirty weeks have gone by! I feel like it’s been only a couple of weeks since we found out, and just a few days since we told everyone. But, now it’s just a countable number of days away, and I’m still wrapping my head around it. Between my upcoming trip to Philly and keeping busy here, finishing up the baby’s room, and all of that, I’m imagining the next 10 weeks are also going to fly!

Thanks for reading 😀


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