Post Doctor’s Visit/Glucose Test Update

imageToday was an adventure! Started the day off with a regular OB appointment where I had a prenatal depression screening (I’m good!), had a bunch of questions answered for me and heard the baby’s heartbeat (155!). The heartbeat doppler and some other measurements were done by a med student which was fine with me- he’s gotta learn somehow- but he was so nervous it was kind of cute. He was struggling to locate a heartbeat and the doctor looked up from her notes, pointed to an exact spot on my belly and as soon as he put the scanner there it was right on. Like she just knew without any hesitation or anything which was so cool.

Then, I headed down to the  lab to get some blood drawn and do the glucose test. It was straight up cherry sugar water and the first half was fine, but by the end it started to burn a little bit. Got it down and then just hung out and read for an hour, until it was time to have blood drawn.

THEN! I went over to the immunizations office (all in the same huge building, by the way) to get my tdap booster. I was supposed to also get a flu shot, but they were still only giving them to staff, so I’ll have to go back.

By the time all that was done, my lab results were in and I PASSED the glucose test! However I do have some low iron levels, so I’m going to be prescribed some iron supplements for that. Other than than though, everything is good! Now I’m ready for a nap.


3 thoughts on “Post Doctor’s Visit/Glucose Test Update

  1. Glad you passed,Was it worse than I tried to explain it? Glad you passed and cool that you found out the same day, at the lab we’d have to draw then send out to be tested so ppl don’t know till the next day. Was she bouncing like crazy from the sugar rush? Any idea what your actual number was 140&under is passing even if ppl fail by 1 point it’s of to the 3 hr…ppl didn’t like that took much. Just imagine double the sugar u drank today on an empty stomach and 4 blood draws in 3 hrs.Not appealing to think about. I bet you’re relieved is done and you’re good. CONGRATS! Now you can continue to eat anything you want☺.love you! !(love u too parasite)although you physically are more human like now, not sure how I feel about parasite, even though u still technically are. .I love you any way❤😙


    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      Haha she’s still technically a parasite, but it is getting stranger to call her that. Your explanation was perfect, and I was able to get it cold like you suggested which was great. I have no idea what the actual number was, just that I passed! She was bouncing like crazy! Haha. I’m just relieved it’s done and over and I can focus on other things 🙂

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