Week 28!

11950859_10156017541075007_1420320316_n28 Weeks! The craziest thing I’ve read so far about this week is that the baby’s lungs are developed enough that if she were to be born THIS WEEK she would probably be able to survive without any external support. Of course, I DO NOT want her to come this week, I want a nice fully cooked kid, but it’s still cool that, in theory, she COULD.

The scariest thing is WTF HOW BIG IS A CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKE? I mean, apparently it’s around 28″, but come on. That’s got to be fake, right?

The app that I use basically says for this week, “after this week, she’s just getting bigger and smarter, with a few more finishing touches” which means there’s like a real functioning baby in there. Damn. It’s still about three weeks until my 4D ultrasound, but I’m so already so excited to see what she looks like!

11998457_10156017520025007_152993382_nBump size: About 39.5″
Movement: Pretty much always, at this point, unless she’s (I assume) sleeping? One thing I’ve noticed this week is especially if I’m laying on my back I’ll feel this weird movement that’s almost like a tide rolling across my belly from one side to the other – I can’t see it yet but it’s a very strange feeling. I’m not sure how else to describe it though.
Cravings/Aversions: Definitely think I’m past the cravings stage. Nothing new or weird.
Mood: Overall good. No major pregnancy brain issues this week, just very tired.
Other Symptoms: Back pain is becoming more constant. Yesterday it was a weird lower back that made walking hurt. Today it’s upper back. Guess it just depends on how she’s sitting, at this point.

Once I pop this kid out, I don’t think I’ll ever want to LOOK at a horizontal stripe again.

Thanks for reading 😀


5 thoughts on “Week 28!

  1. Hey you adorable lil’ Mama! You still look great & So….. Adorable! Anyway that wave role feeling when you’re on your back is probably just her rolling into a comfy position,Braxton Hicks are more a tighteneng then relaxing of your belly kinda like if you weren’t preg & tried to tighten your abs,then relax to breathe,only you aren’t controlling your muscles with the Braxton Hicks they just randomly happen, could be once on Could go on & on, they aren’t painful & just your body getting ready to push the wee one out.(you’ll def know when you get one) your belly will get really hard & tight for a sec then ease back to normal.(well, pregnancy normal) I can’t wait to see the 4-D ultra sound pics, they are very Cool looking. When are you going? I wish they had some of these things around when I was preg. you should definitely cast your belly. They Sell the kits @ babies’ r’ us(like $20) & it’s really easy & Very Cool.I did it for one of Tyler’s friends she says she Looks at it now & is amazed that she once had her daughter in there. You can also paint it after,Just throwing that out there. You should also totally paint your belly a *costume for Halloween,(or let me & Ashley when you’re in,in October) I’m thinking beach ball, 8 ball,pumpkin, you get the idea , can’t help it you’re just the perfect size for it this time of year! Lol I know crazy Great Aunt,but you’re crafty don’t they sound like fun? OK, so how’d the glucose go? Is she bouncing around now from all the sugar?(that was this visit right?) OK, anyway will talk to you soon & Can’t wait to see you! Love you!😙


    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      Probably won’t be doing the belly cast or painting haha, that’s a little too much touching for me 😉 I’m definitely excited for the 4D ultrasound though, it’s on the 28th. As far as the glucose test and my next regular appointment, it’s next week on the 18th. I’m still only at 4 weeks between appointments so it feels like forever! Thanks for the Braxton Hicks info, everywhere I read just describes them as less intense contractions which is SO UNHELPFUL for someone who hasn’t ever had a baby before!

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