Week 27: Officially into the Third Trimester!


I am OFFICIALLY in the third trimester now! I’m 2/3 through, and only about 13 weeks away from having a real actual baby to hold! That’s only a little bit scary when I think about how much I have to/want to do before then, but also really exciting. The only thing that’s starting to really weird me out is when I see posts about how many days until Christmas, because it feels like it’s getting really close to Christmas, but I’ll have a 3(ish) week old baby by then! The holidays should be fun this year – not that we’re doing anything except, you know, having a 3(ish) week old baby, but I just think holidays are always more fun with kids and babies.

This week the baby is the size of a rutabaga (Which, again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen), or a baby Fennec Fox, which, AWESOME. I was actually just given a stuffed Fennec Fox for the baby, so it’s an interesting comparison to hold. Apparently it’s also possible to monitor brain activity at this point. Interesting because pregnancy brain has been too real lately, so it’s good one of us has some measurable brain activity… Also, she’s practicing inhaling and exhaling now, although it’s amniotic fluid and not air.

The last exciting thing this week is I’ve officially booked a train ticket for my last trip to Philly without a crying baby! I’ll be visiting home in mid-October, and I CAN NOT WAIT.

Bump size: Still sitting around 39 1/4″
Movement: Lots of movement lately. Mostly I only feel her moving when I’m laying down or sitting kind of slouched, but she definitely lets me know she’s in there now.
Cravings/Aversions: Again, nothing really new. I think I’m settling into the foods I’m going to be eating a lot of for the last 13 weeks of this: primarily salty foods, with sweet stuff being less tempting but still good. Also, I’m finding myself hungry more frequently.
Mood: Pregnancy brain is awful, like I said. Other than that, just sort of trucking.
Other Symptoms: Serious feet and back pain. Not constantly, but always by the end of the day, even on days I don’t work or spend a lot of time on my feet. Also my feet fall asleep pretty easily now. I, however, do not.

I guess that’s all for now! Thanks for reading 😀


6 thoughts on “Week 27: Officially into the Third Trimester!

    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      Few names in mind, BUT we honestly probably won’t be sharing until after she’s born (even with immediate family and stuff). Gotta keep something a surprise ;D I’m ALSO excited for a little legacy haha


  1. Absolutely as cute as ever! ! You sound like your very happy, and I can”hear”your excitement in your post.I know how happy you are feeling her move. (Cool feeling isn’t it)I also have to agree with you holidays are just more “magical”when there are babies and young kids. Let the traditions begin! ! I can’t wait to see you in October! ! !

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