3D/4D Ultrasound

Today we went for the 3D/4D ultrasound and despite the place being.. a little questionable, it was still a really cool experience. Continue reading


Post Doctor’s Visit/Glucose Test Update

imageToday was an adventure! Started the day off with a regular OB appointment where I had a prenatal depression screening (I’m good!), had a bunch of questions answered for me and heard the baby’s heartbeat (155!). The heartbeat doppler and some other measurements were done by a med student which was fine with me- he’s gotta learn somehow- but he was so nervous it was kind of cute. He was struggling to locate a heartbeat and the doctor looked up from her notes, pointed to an exact spot on my belly and as soon as he put the scanner there it was right on. Like she just knew without any hesitation or anything which was so cool. Continue reading

29 Week Update.

12028958_10156046978155007_1184581711_nAt 29 weeks, baby is about the size of an acorn squash, or a pineapple! I read somewhere- I think in the ever judgmental What To Expect- that the baby is within 3 inches of her eventual birth length, but only 1/3 of her birth weight. I’m happy to hear she won’t be getting much longer, because I can already feel that she’s kind of out of room. I feel one movement in both the upper and lower parts of my belly at once, as in, she’s reaching the entire span of my torso. Sorry I’m so short baby, you probably will be too. Continue reading

Week 28!

11950859_10156017541075007_1420320316_n28 Weeks! The craziest thing I’ve read so far about this week is that the baby’s lungs are developed enough that if she were to be born THIS WEEK she would probably be able to survive without any external support. Of course, I DO NOT want her to come this week, I want a nice fully cooked kid, but it’s still cool that, in theory, she COULD. Continue reading

Week 27: Officially into the Third Trimester!


I am OFFICIALLY in the third trimester now! I’m 2/3 through, and only about 13 weeks away from having a real actual baby to hold! That’s only a little bit scary when I think about how much I have to/want to do before then, but also really exciting. The only thing that’s starting to really weird me out is when I see posts about how many days until Christmas, because it feels like it’s getting really close to Christmas, but I’ll have a 3(ish) week old baby by then! The holidays should be fun this year – not that we’re doing anything except, you know, having a 3(ish) week old baby, but I just think holidays are always more fun with kids and babies. Continue reading