26 Weeks! Ah!

11910643_10155966393645007_1803906222_nNot only is today week 26, but I got a notification on Tuesday that I officially had 100 days until my due date! That means, that from here on out, it’s a double digit countdown to baby 🙂 Every day I get more and more excited to meet her and hold her.

As of now, she’s probably about 14 inches, and about 2ish pounds. People have been asking me when I’m due and seeming surprised I still have a full trimester to go — I don’t think they realize that at 4’11”, the baby has nowhere to go but OUT. I don’t have much torso space for her to take up. The other day someone was so surprised that I’m not due until December that her next question was “oh, is this your second?” No lady, I just have a torso shorter than my baby currently is. She’s gotta go somewhere. But I know they all mean well, it’s pretty funny, honestly.

Bump size: About 39 1/4″, but man it feels like more.11912927_10155966393670007_1713814708_n
Movement: Excited to say definitely some real movement and stuff happening! I feel her not constantly but definitely often. And she’s getting stronger – the other day she knocked my laptop off my belly.
Cravings/Aversions: Not much new this week. Still lots of hot chocolate even though it’s still so hot.
Mood: Pretty good, but pregnancy brain and forgetfulness are getting worse.
Other Symptoms: I want to remind you all that you are choosing to read this blog. That being said, my biggest symptom this week has been constipation. I was not properly prepared for this. Also, my feet are starting to swell.

And that’s pretty much all for this week! Thanks for reading 😀


5 thoughts on “26 Weeks! Ah!

  1. Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

    Thank you for all the suggestions haha, I’m gonna need to try a bunch and see what works for me lol. I’m getting better at being not offended by the things people say, so that’s good I think? I’m glad to know people like reading these haha! Love you too 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on ichersthoughts and commented:
    I’m so excited for you!!! All these “firsts”,& you’re right people can be intrusive with their questions,but they do mean well and as long as you find humor in it, no harm no foul. I was laughing at, the “at 4’11 the baby is bigger than my torso,she’s got no where to go but out”remark. LoL. For your new symptoms my totally unsolicited advice is feet up whenever possible and stay hydrated I know sounds crazy to drink water to get rid off water but it helps & if its real bad, that’s what the dr gets paid for. To answer all those questions and tell you what to do.The constipation thing,the most natural way doesn’t taste great but hey if you can get down bananas then you can chug some apple /prune juice. Just mix it your self. The more prune part you can handle the better, or buy some prunes keep in the fridge and just east them like snacks. They have the individually wrapped ones now,so it’s not to had to down a few a day down. (Much better cold)Trust me from someone with IBS you don’t wanna let that go too long in between.I know TMI,but again you brought it up. haha and you don’t have to take my suggestions, just thought I’d mention some things that work. (Extra water will help here too ,ok don’t with the advice you didn’t ask for. I LOVE reading your updates it really does make me so happy to see you and you growing belly. I can see in your face how real and exciting it’s all getting for you. Especially with feeling her moving more,such a special time for you (&Chris).I can’t wait to see you and eventually meet your daughter!!! Just look at you “growing a lil person in there”!!!You are glowing and you’re an awesome mom already! That’s one lucky lil babe you got there❤🍼😇
    Love you!!!


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