25 Weeks!


This last week flew by. I’m now sort of at that point where it’s starting to get REAL that there’s going to be a baby in a few months. Like right now I sort of have a baby, but it’s not that much longer until I have to HAVE A BABY. I’m almost out of the second trimester, which is kind of crazy.

From what I’ve read, she’s starting to grow hair and get a little bit of fat on her and is definitely developing facial features. I can’t wait to see who she looks like (although I may have a few preferences…) Mostly I’m just getting really excited to meet her.

Bump size: Still sitting around 39″.11909854_10155939239075007_251324227_n
Movement: Hasn’t gotten too much stronger lately, but definitely more and more frequent. She’s definitely moving in there.
Cravings/Aversions: So much hot chocolate. And, after months of not being able to LOOK at eggs, I’ve been wanting eggs for breakfast a few days a week. So that’s cool.
Mood: Overall, pretty good. I’ve been keeping so busy that it’s hard to really focus on much of anything, but I’m getting back to the Jenn that can just let things roll easier.
Other Symptoms: Trouble sleeping. Heartburn. Bathroom constantly. Being pregnant is awesome y’all.

One last sort of weird pregnancy thing I didn’t really expect — I’ve somehow started to find myself dressing just slightly better? Or at least differently. I now dress almost every day in the outfits I used to wear on the “trying to make an effort” days. I guess when grabbing a t-shirt from the drawer and jeans off the floor stops being an option, some cute outfits happen. An example of this: the outfit I’m wearing today, in the picture above? I’ve had this vest for, hm, almost a year? But this is the first time I’m wearing it. Being pregnant is making me consider all of the things in my closet that actually fit me, instead of overlooking them in favor of the things that I know I can easily throw on. So that’s pretty cool! I know once I have a newborn, I’ll probably stop dressing cute, but I can pretend I won’t, right?

Thanks for reading guys!


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