24 Week Update

11880086_10155911418475007_6329923_n24 weeks today! It’s really hard to imagine a cantaloupe inside me right now, especially because I can’t say for sure that I’ve ever like, held a cantaloupe? But I can definitely picture a package of Oreos, and that honestly I don’t feel like there’s enough room in me right now for a whole package. I mean. I know there’s a lot of me, but it doesn’t seem like THAT much yet?

11836702_10155900759810007_9075803181040963255_nThis past weekend, Chris and I went to Raleigh NC for a couple of days which was nice. Every picture of me from the entire trip looks like an accidental maternity shoot, but I can definitely think of worse things than a maternity shoot with dinosaurs and stuff. The trip was really fun though, it’s always nice to get away, even if it’s just three hours away, and one night.

11874026_10155911424720007_255549305_nAlso! We got a crib! A friend from high school alerted me to this one for sale on facebook, because as you may notice, it matches the shape of our dresser almost perfectly! Since it was in Philadelphia, my dad went and picked it up for me and I love it. We paid about a third of the retail cost and my dad says it’s in perfect condition. I just couldn’t believe how perfect the match is. We may end up painting it yellow to match the dresser, but haven’t decided for sure yet. We won’t have it here until October, when daddy visits again, so we have time to decide for sure.
Bump size: 39″! DAMN.
Movement: I’ve actually started feeling movement regularly! It still doesn’t feel like kicking or anything really strong, but it’s something. The only way I can think to describe it is it feels like bubbles popping in my belly, which is weird but also cool.
Cravings/Aversions: Still on a salty kick – crackers, cheese, pretzels. No real serious aversions.
Mood: I think I’m back to normal after being a bit grumpy last week. I think the movement and stuff has brightened me up a little bit.
Other Symptoms:Β Still tired. Still not sleeping through the night. I’ve got a cantaloupe sitting on my bladder.

That’s pretty much it for this week! I know I always say thanks for reading, but I wanted to add to that — Thanks to everyone who reads, but also to everyone who comments & texts me after I post these with questions and comments & to everyone who texts or calls me just to see how I am. I really appreciate everyone’s support and love and all of that ❀


4 thoughts on “24 Week Update

  1. Yay an update ! So excited, love reading these.I’m glad you’re feeling better.Glucose test wasn’t awful,right. How did you feel through it?Love the dinosaur pics. .Funny about the Crib bc I am on a few”yard sale”sites thru FB, but not surewhat you’d want purchased used vs. New. You should look on FB. I am Sure there are the sale sites there also.There are always baby things and a lot of other things also. I’ve bought and sold a few through mine. Just meet somewhere public of you do & don’t go alone. Lotsa Crazies too.(but you’re aware) LOL)Glad you’re Starting to feel her. Have you been thinking of any names yet? or any idea if you want traditional or newer or anything? Oh, make Sure The Crib wasn’t painted by previous owners,.Just to be sure some idiot didnt use some lead-based paint.(if they even sell lead based paint anymore) Bc eventually she will be gnawing on it. LOL.No weight gain this week?,or did your new mommy brain forget? Ok, glad everything is on track & you & parasite are all healthy!
    Love you ALL! HMM,. What do you calla Great Aunt? Aunt Grammy? LOLπŸ’–πŸ‘ˆ


    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      I didn’t have the glucose test yet! It’s at my next appointment in September, but I promise I’ll let you know how it goes haha.

      I don’t mind used stuff at all, as long as it’s in good condition, but I also am trying not to buy too much until I sort through what I’ve already got. The crib honestly looks brand new though. I don’t think it was painted or anything. Those yard sale sites are great, lots of good stuff on them.

      As far as names, we have a few in mind, we just haven’t really settled on one for sure yet. We PROBABLY won’t share it though even when we do πŸ˜‰ (I was convinced to share it’s a girl, I’m keeping SOMETHING a secret hahah)

      I am not going to put the weight anymore because my scale is kind of messed up and it’s not accurate so I don’t even know if what I thought was gaining is right or not. I’ll probably put it on weeks I have doctor’s appointments so I know it’s right, but other than that it would just be me guessing anyway, lol.

      love you!


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