23 Weeks & A Doctor’s Appointment!

11855413_10155878490275007_480640975_n23 weeks today! According to the app I’ve been using to track everything, apparently her face is completely formed?! That’s so crazy to think about, that she has all of her facial features and everything in there. She can also hear things and distinguish some noises, so maybe I should stop referring to her as a parasite? (Not going to happen until she’s at LEAST 18.)

12.7-20.8 Ounces is about a pound? So about
the same as a can of soup or beans. Crazy.

Had a regular check up this week, nothing fancy or exciting. I don’t know much about how a regular civilian doctor works, but with my military insurance I only get two visual ultrasounds (barring an emergency or whatever) & I’ve already had both — the initial dating scan and the anatomy scan. So, when I go for my checkups, I get a heart rate scan with a little handheld thing. Baby’s heartbeat was between 145-147 yesterday, which is, apparently, great. So it’s good to know that everything with baby is good! I know it’s silly, but it’s a wave of relief every time I get to hear the heartbeat, just a little reassurance.

As an aside, I mentioned to her I still haven’t felt much movement and was assured that it’s perfectly normal, especially with my anterior placenta. I also asked about scheduling a L&D tour and also some prenatal class type things, most of which she said I should plan for October-ish, so that’ll be happening. (The classes are things like budgeting and stuff like that, apparently they give away a ton of free stuff, so, heck yes.)

11857492_10155878490320007_252579800_nWeight gain: So. I’m actually not sure, because based off my doctor’s appointment yesterday, my home scale is TEN POUNDS off. So uh. I’m actually not sure? I think I’m still consistently at about +15.
Bump size:
Movement: I’ve been feeling some flutters and whatnot. No full on kicks or things like that, but I definitely feel fluttering, especially when I first wake up.
Cravings/Aversions: Lately I’ve been after saltier things — I think I’m moving away from sweet again. This week I’ve been all about the weird snack my sister and I used to eat as kids: melted Kraft singles on Ritz crackers. A very classy meal. Also, chocolate milk, because it’s the only way I can get down a glass of milk.
Mood: I’ve actually been a little mood swing-y this week. After the mess I was the first trimester or so, I thought I’d been getting less and less moody, but this week I definitely felt myself slipping. Although, to quote a blog post I saw on facebook yesterday, “You will not say I’m being a “Hormonal Crazy Bitch.” I know I am. My husband knows I am. The man behind the deli counter knows I am. Notice how they are still alive? It’s because they don’t say that to my face.” So, basically, that.
Other Symptoms: Still the same back issues, which I’m assuming is just a part of my life now. Also, my feet are getting sore much quicker as the days go on. Finally, I’m tipping you off to invest in Rolaids because I’ve got the heartburn from hell, which is super cute.

Beyond all that, it’s been getting harder and harder to resist buying baby clothes. I did have a bit of a ranty moment on facebook the other night regarding gendered clothing, and how I can’t find anything that specifically says “genius” or “baby genius” without it being heavily focused on either sex. My sister scooped me up a couple of super cute “GIRL GENIUS” onsies, which I’m really excited for, but I’m still mourning the loss over the “Smartest Guy in the Room” one, which could so easily have just said smartest kid. But, I suppose I can always make my own.

Thanks for listening to me rant every week, friends 😀


13 thoughts on “23 Weeks & A Doctor’s Appointment!

  1. It will just be very sweet. If you get a choice of flavors the lemon lime Is like flat sprite,orange is like flat orange Soda,and the fruit punchIS likea melted cherry popsicle(according to all the women I gave the test to when I worked @ Quest anyway)and is better cold, so hopefully they’ll have them refrigerated for you

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    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      Oh thanks for the info haha, I’m actually kind of nervous it’s going to be awful because I’m so picky!


  2. I concur you’re gonna have a lil hairy “monkey”like you were!! (Marni was too)love hearing your updates. I was also reassured every time I heard the heart beat,or felt the baby move. The only thing I remember them doing at my visits that you didn’t mention was they used to measure My belly from right at the top like where ribs meet to just under my belly usually way down by the public bone. Idk why tho.They also sell little things you can use home hear the heart beat.,and if she’s in the right position sometimes you can even hear with a stethoscope. Obvi you could tell the difference from yours cause hers is much faster. .getting so close to BABY TIME! !😆

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