Feeling Myself.


Today was the first day in… Probably about 22 weeks that I was really feeling myself and how I looked.

I know I’m supposed to love my bump and my pregnant body because it’s housing a growing person, but honestly, I really don’t a lot of the time. I just have a hard time connecting the me in the mirror to the me in my head. BUT today… Today I’m into it. Today I’m proud of this body and the person it’s creating, so I wanted to document it.

Clothes are from:
Tank – Destination Maternity. clearance,Β  $2.
Jeans – Old Navy Maternity. clearance, $25.
Slippers – Target, about 8 years ago.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Myself.

  1. I think everyone paints the pregnancy picture as “perfect”, because fact is often you have the baby you forget all these feelings that you’dbeen having be when you have the baby you Kinda “forget” all the not so great stuff you went through to get her here.I honestly think the way you describe how you’d been feeling is totally normal your body goes through tons of changes in a relatively short time.The body that you’ve been used to for 26 years is suddenly not the body you see(or feel) now,which I guess a-lot of women don’t admit and cf you didn’t document here, will not remember feeling either. Once the baby is really moving and you really start feeling her More daily you start to realize that”bump” isn’t just a” bump” IDK when that whole saying started,be when I was preg it was not referred to as a “bump”, but as a baby, Anyway, I think once you start realizing and Connecting that ”bump” is a baby(which youseem to be realizing now)You will be able to connect with her & realize all the amazing things your body is able to do & is doing to have that baby and you will love that”bump”(I really hate the whole bump saying)-Baby more & everyday more So much that believe it or not once you have her,you will be so used to your new body you will actually miss having her in there.(you’ll have to trust me on the one for now)obviously, be we usually do it more than once be its totally worth it . I’m glad you can admit all the”not so great” parts of pregnancybe its not all butterflies & lollipops for everyone especially on the beginning. Now is prob gonna start being thebest time of the pregnancy for you be you are getting more used to your new body & loving it.Then by the time you’re almost due, you’ll be ready to have her OUT! Enjoy it now you are amazing your body is doing amazing things & I think your feelings are more normal than most ppl admit. you’re gonna be an amazing mom(you already are, I mean you’re force feeding your self bananas for her. LOL. 014 my reply Is longer than your posts. So I’ll shut-up. Love you & Lil baby”no-name-Null”πŸ’– πŸ’‘&πŸ’=πŸ‘ͺ&πŸ‘ΌπŸ’—πŸ’™

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    • OK, you’re going to have to Ignore all those type-0’s bc I can’t figure out how to go back d fix them on here. ugh replies from my phone! Grrr I HATE leaving words Spelled wrong and the fact I can’t fix them IS going to drive me CRAZY! (andthat 014, no idea what my phone was “correcting” that to, but all it should say is”OK”)I’m sure you’ll know what the rest of my auto”corrects” are supposed to be. Lol


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