26 Weeks! Ah!

11910643_10155966393645007_1803906222_nNot only is today week 26, but I got a notification on Tuesday that I officially had 100 days until my due date! That means, that from here on out, it’s a double digit countdown to baby 🙂 Every day I get more and more excited to meet her and hold her. Continue reading


25 Weeks!


This last week flew by. I’m now sort of at that point where it’s starting to get REAL that there’s going to be a baby in a few months. Like right now I sort of have a baby, but it’s not that much longer until I have to HAVE A BABY. I’m almost out of the second trimester, which is kind of crazy. Continue reading

24 Week Update

11880086_10155911418475007_6329923_n24 weeks today! It’s really hard to imagine a cantaloupe inside me right now, especially because I can’t say for sure that I’ve ever like, held a cantaloupe? But I can definitely picture a package of Oreos, and that honestly I don’t feel like there’s enough room in me right now for a whole package. I mean. I know there’s a lot of me, but it doesn’t seem like THAT much yet? Continue reading

23 Weeks & A Doctor’s Appointment!

11855413_10155878490275007_480640975_n23 weeks today! According to the app I’ve been using to track everything, apparently her face is completely formed?! That’s so crazy to think about, that she has all of her facial features and everything in there. She can also hear things and distinguish some noises, so maybe I should stop referring to her as a parasite? (Not going to happen until she’s at LEAST 18.)

12.7-20.8 Ounces is about a pound? So about
the same as a can of soup or beans. Crazy. Continue reading