21 Week Update!

11778076_10155830582255007_1321286584_n21 weeks today! Lately I’ve been feeling like things are simultaneously flying by and also taking forever. This week, the baby is about 10.5 inches, or about the size of a pomegranate. Or a Philly Cheesesteak, which, you know, I’m a fan.

I just googled “what weighs 12 ounces, and apparently it’s about the weight of a can of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup, so that’s pretty hefty in there. More than I expected, anyway, since I still haven’t really gained much weight.

11721855_10155830582540007_1482597924_nThis week, my dad & sister came to visit and brought with them a ton of clothes that my grandmom, aunt and sister have been buying, plus books and some other stuff too. So much stuff, I probably won’t be buying much baby clothes at all. Luckily my family understands me and it’s only SLIGHTLY pink heavy, and there’s an awesome mix of stuff in there.

10492205_10155812746740007_53245208307459050_n (1)

Also while I had family here, we took a trip to a local thrift store because I’d been eyeing this dresser/changing table for a while but had no way to get it home in our hatchback or tiny Civic. Luckily, dad to the rescue, and we picked up this amazing dresser for $85. I have plans for decorating it, and it’s already in the process of being painted, but I’m going to post a full blog on it once it’s all done, so stay tuned for that, I guess? Spoiler, it’s going to be super awesome and not boring white. I’m so excited about this project.


The thrift store happened to be having a Christmas in July sale, and had a Santa there, so I also got Baby’s First Santa Picture!

11774696_10155830582385007_182309429_nWeight gain: About +15 pre pregnancy!
Bump size: 38″!
Movement:Β Still none. Slightly more anxious about it, trying to stay off the internet/mom blogs/etc.
Cravings/Aversions: Still lots of candy. Drinking a ton of water. I also have been super into hot chocolate lately. (OR, more so than I USUALLY am, which is a lot normally.)
Mood: Overall good. I’ve been working more this past week, and staying active and on my feet seems to be doing good for both my physical state but also mental, so that’s cool.

I feel like that bump looks HUGE but then I see other pregnant women and… oh man. I still have a way to go, don’t I?

That’s about all I have for this week, thanks for reading πŸ˜€

Ps: literally my life in an image:


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