Guesses from Friends & Family

As I said last time, I have my anatomy scan coming up this week, so I thought I’d poll those around me and see what they thought about the sex of my future baby. Here’s what they had to say:

Husband: Girl. He’s a radiation worker, and tells me most radiation workers tend to have girls. Some science thing. He’s sticking with girl (even though I know he wants it to be a boy).

Sister: Girl. She had a dream it was a girl, and she really wants it to be a girl, mostly because she thinks our father would be so great with a baby girl. (She’s right, he was great with us, and a baby girl would be so lucky to have him for a grandfather.)

Dad: “No idea. I am Excited.”

Grandmom: Boy. For some reason, whenever she thinks of it, she just can’t help but think of it as a boy. No logical or whatever reason, just instinct.

Grandpop: Doesn’t have a feeling either way, but is hoping for a girl.

Bestie: Boy. She thinks it already looks like I’m carrying pretty low even though it’s still only a small bump, and it just is a feeling for her.

Me: I REALLY want a boy, and I have no shame in saying that. I’ll be happy and love whatever I pop out, but I love the idea of having a boy first, and always have. That being said, when I talk about the baby, I subconsciously say her/she, and have been saying that for weeks now.

After my last post, and a lot of thinking, I’m now leaning towards probably finding out. I think. So I guess we’ll see next week what I decide πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Guesses from Friends & Family

  1. I think most people refer to unborn babies as “he”. Jenn, I wanted a boy 1st too, I think because I never had a big brother and I wanted any future kids have a big brother.That being said I really am very partial to baby boys.I really wanted Tim to have a boy. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled when they had Ava and love the Lil’princess more than I can express(hopefully they’ll wake up and let us see her & them Soon) I have Kylie & I love her to death; couldn’t imagine my life without her. Everyone should have one girl,And Any baby you have will be blessed W great parents, Great Grandparents, & John will be great with a Grandson OR Granddaughter. Ok,I’m saying my guess is BOY! (and that is just wishful thinking) There’s just Something about boys.πŸ’™πŸΌπŸ˜Š


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