18 Week Update

11717246_10155754289075007_1728073810_n11713563_10155754289040007_1433217432_nI’m officially 18 weeks today! According to the two different apps I check, I’m either incubating a sweet potato or a tall frappuccino – neither of which I’m a huge fan of. Let’s just call it a 12oz Iced Coffee from Wawa, okay? It can be decaf. Whatever.

So far I haven’t felt any movements at all, and I know that’s totally normal and I will be soon, it’s just one of the things I’m really excited for and looking forward to. I’m sure that when I’m 30+ weeks with an elbow in my ribcage I’l regret this, but I’m just so anxious to feel flutters and kicks. Despite the lack of movement, sleeping is already getting really difficult. Mostly that’s because I sleep on my stomach most of the time, and I’m at the point where it’s not really an option anymore. It’s also partially because between drinking 1.5 liters of water a day and a growing uterus, I get to wake up every two hours! Isn’t that fun. Granted, my skin is LOVING the extra hydration, so there are perks…

Nothing else too exciting is going on here, but I do have my anatomy scan coming up next week. I STILL don’t know if I’ll be finding out the gender yet, I’m so torn. It’ll probably be a snap decision I make when the ultrasound tech asks me, honestly. I just can’t decide if I want the surprise now or at the end of the journey. (Hey since you can leave comments now that I’m not using tumblr anymore.. what do you think? REASONS FOR BOTH PLS).

Mostly I’m just really excited to see the baby again, because TriCare only covers two (TWO!) visual ultrasounds throughout the entire time, a dating scan around 8ish weeks, and an anatomy scan around 20. Isn’t that cute. Because of that, we’re considering getting a 4D ultrasound, around the 30ish week point. If we do that, I’ll definitely be updating you all on that. (I hear I get a DVD. Like, a movie of a baby in my womb. The future is weird, y’all.)

Also, I had my first Creepy Encounter With a Person Because I’m Pregnant™ today! At work, a grandfather with his wife & two youngish grandchildren were painting, and the man (silently) stopped me by holding up his hand, and motioned for me to turn. Thinking he was trying to read my shirt, I obliged. I was wrong. He sort of looked me up and down really creepily and was like “oh ho ho looks like someone is bringing their own here soon.” Yes, thank you old man. I will definitely be shortly (five months from now…) bringing my newborn into a painting studio. Absolutely. Also, please don’t look at me or anyone else like that. Although, this was a man I later had to tell that “toxic” and “edible” were not the same thing when he ate some Elmer’s Glue to prove to me it was safe, so I guess I shouldn’t take this one personally.

Anyway, here’s my 18 week Bump! 11186355_10155754289115007_1507801500_n

I’m still having no problem at all wearing my lovely and ever growing maxi skirt collection, which is nice because they’re what I prefer to wear year ’round. Shirts are… difficult, and most of my nice summer dresses have magically become nice summer tank tops that I can wear with shorts, but my good ol’ maxi skirts are standing by me.

Besides that… I’m still trying to decide if I only want to post weekly updates or if I’ll be updating more/less frequently than that, I’ll figure it out. Thanks for reading, friends 😀

CapturePS: Yesterday I made these Red White and Blue Berries for a youtube video (because that’s a thing I do, if you didn’t know), and if you think for ONE SECOND that I didn’t make all of those, and then dump the remaining sprinkles into the remaining melted chocolate, you have clearly never met a pregnant lady.


20 thoughts on “18 Week Update

  1. David says:

    So just for context, we’re planning on starting around September time. Justine apparently doesn’t want to find out the sex, but I do. I was actually surprised when she told me, because she’s usually the I-want-to-know-everything kind of person. We’re talking about a woman who’s had genetic testing, and made me get fertility testing years before there we were even contemplating trying.

    But anyway, I just like to know things. Information is power, and all that.

    Definitely do some research on the 4D imaging thing. I heard something negative about the radiation used, but considering I’ve been reading cookey natural childbirth books (mostly for breathing techniques, not the natural part), I wouldn’t put any stock in that necessarily. Just something to check out.

    For baby showers, you can always be super clear and intense about a registry to avoid gendered stuff. There might even be services where people “choose” something, but you just get the cash to do with as you please. Someone I know did something like that for their wedding gifts: it was called honeyfund, and they basically just ended up with money to pay for the honeymoon. So maybe something like that exists.

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    • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

      Ooh exciting! Well by then I’ll have lots of fun tips and stuff to share with you guys 🙂
      I think the reason I don’t want to know (and this may apply for her as well) is because it’s the one thing you can not know and not test for and still have a 1000% healthy baby? I don’t know, I’ll still probably change my mind and end up finding out haha.

      I hadn’t heard anything about with the 4D stuff, but thanks for the heads up, we’ll definitely make sure to do lots of reading – – although I’m still only on the first chapter of What To Expect because it got preachy and I got mad.

      As far as registries go, I think this blog may have served an unintended purpose and informed all of my family/friends that I prefer neutral things, so that may have solved that issue!


      • David says:

        Heh. That’s true: a nice side-benefit. Though I have a further issue in that I also want to stick with natural fibers for the baby, and only certain plastics. So I guess we’ll see how that goes :p

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      • Those 4D ultrasounds are amazing. I’d def do if they had it when I was pregnant. ,also a belly cast when you’re almost due. I did for one of Tyler’s friends (Sharrah)was really neat, and easy. Then you can either leave it as it is or paint it. We had fun. Then she let Kylie paint her actual belly.We had a blast. We had more fun with Sharrah than Liz only bc she didn’t want anyone involved with anything. I’d have loved to have been though.Anyway,yea 4D U/s way cool.😇🍼


      • Jenn @ GenericCuteseyMomBlog says:

        I think it would be cool to get someone talented to paint on my belly, I might actually do that. I don’t know what i’d DO with the belly cast though. It would just be one of those things I make and then keep in the back of a closet with too much other stuff, haha.

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      • Some Ppl decorate &hang in the nursery? IDK,Sharrah thanked me & is glad she did it.Her daughter turned 1yesterday & she said its crazy to look @ and see what she looked like a year ago. Guess its something personal that you either are really into doing or really not into doing.

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  2. Ok, I am having more issues with this site than I did with Tumblr,but enough about me. I couldn’t wait too impatient.,but if you find out please don’t keep it from Great Aunt Cheryl,I promise nothing gender relayed for a shower, heck I’ll just give you gift certificates of u want and u can buy Whatever you want. Lol
    Ok, so if anyone wants to follow me, go right ahead I can’t figure out how to. Ok I give I’m getting old ugh. Love you! !


  3. a few thoughts. if you do find out the sex of the baby before it is born you will get a shit ton of stuff in either pink/purple or blue/green because most people like to socially construct gender in the womb. so that’s fun… (not)

    if you don’t find out you’ll probably have a zillion and one people asking you “why didn’t you find out?” “how are you going to pick a name now?” “how am i supposed to know to buy it pink/purple or blue/green?” wah wah wah – my response to that though it’s not their fucking baby.. so get over it

    but ultimately it’s your choice and of course i will support whichever one you make because that’s what sister are for.

    as far as updating – i say don’t make a schedule, you’re having a baby, schedules don’t exists in baby time. update when you think it’s time to let people know what’s new. again, just my opinion.

    hope some of this helps 🙂 i’m very excited to read all of your updates 🙂


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