Two Months ♡

Feb 2.JPG
Ceres is two months old today! She had her two month well checkup yesterday; she weighs 13 pounds & 1.2 ounces and is 23 inches long. That puts her in the 77th percentile for length and a whopping 95th percentile for weight. My baby is a little tank, and it shows. The doctor has no issues or concerns about her weight, though. Chubby babies = healthy babies. She usually eats about 4oz in one feeding, but when she wants to she can put away a full 9oz bottle in one go. The benefit to this is we can occasionally pump her full of 9oz right at bedtime and get a solid 4.5 hours of sleep. Usually though, she’s still not a great sleeper.  Continue reading


How to DIY Pacifier Clips


Hey guys! I’ve got a craft tutorial type post today. I know it’s not the normal type post here, but it’s baby related, so I figured this was the right place for it. I’m going to show you how to make some DIY pacifier clips. They could also be used as ID badge holders or really for anything else you’d need to keep clipped onto you. It’s super easy and I hand sewed the entire thing, so no machine or anything required! Continue reading

Ceres is TWO Weeks already!

939394_10156307794870007_1455369780_oI absolutely can not believe that my baby girl has already been with us for two weeks. (It’s so weird to blog with her on my lap and not in my belly!) I feel like I am at the same time still surprised she’s real but also like she’s just been a part of our lives forever. She’s a very easy going baby, although she does prefer to sleep while held, which makes nights a little bit difficult. However Chris and I are really good at taking turns getting up and letting each other get some naps in during the day. Continue reading